Based in Richmond, VA, New Health Analytics offers hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, integrated delivery systems, health plans and physician organizations a complete health information system for clinical integration. We help you with your day-to-day needs for data analysis to succeed with managed care companies, accountable care organizations and pay-for-performance systems. We do this by enabling the way you share of clinical information; coordinate treatment between primary care physicians and specialists; apply medical treatment guidelines; and monitor the adherence of practitioners compared to others.

With our expertise in analytics and economics, we offer a new healthcare information system that combines a data warehouse with an analytical workstation that can be implemented in weeks, not months.

To learn about our founders, Warren Brennan and Lou Rossiter, plus the rest of the New Health Analytics team, see our Team page.

How are we different?

As a healthcare data and software development corporation, we know how to use online information and communication services for customers to foster the flow of clinical and financial information across diverse clinical sites of care.  Most importantly, our system supports valid performance benchmarking. We save you time with online solutions that acquire your own data and combine it with relevant external data. Our tools quickly and easily assess and convert the data for analysis and action.

Solutions driven by the needs of our national customer base

Our design, staffing and plan of operation is based on the recommendations and requests we have received from a national customer base of hundreds using decision support tools and their associated data sets. We have a well-developed secure and scalable data warehouse, automated internet-based data query, ad hoc or super-user internet-based data query, contract analysis and pay-for-performance support, metrics for adherence to medical treatment guidelines and, most importantly, advanced benchmarking capabilities that can be tailored to your needs.