Analytics for Surgery Centers

What is New Health Ambulatory?

New Health Ambulatory gives ambulatory surgery centers an online application to transfer clinical data from their management information system or abstract the same data from medical records for benchmarking their clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction in support of accreditation, risk management and improved patient outcomes.

Why New Health Ambulatory?

Increasingly managed care companies want to know how the outcomes from ambulatory surgery measure up to hospital outpatient departments and other competing surgery centers.

Accreditation is increasingly the ticket for a managed care contract. All the accreditors require benchmarking to support a valid performance improvement program.

Achieve peace of mind in your accreditation process. You know that your physicians and surgeons are the best. Use the best benchmarking service available for accreditation, risk management and quality patient care.

Easy to Use

New Health Ambulatory is easy to use and give you the back bone needed for “ongoing” outcomes measurement and benchmarking needed for quality improvement, risk management, and accreditation.

Fast Turnaround

With major surgery centers and hospitals in over 30 states submitting data every month, New Health Ambulatory is the leader in benchmarking. Information from participating members is provided anonymously to the exchange, usually within 48-72 hours of patient discharge. Customized reports for your organization are produced monthly (online) and quarterly (online and mail) for quick, private viewing over the Internet. Staying informed and learning from the experience of others is a major benefit.

Secure Communication

The system uses secure webserver connection for user communications and data upload so that it complies with all HIPAA data security regulations.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Best of all, the system can be paperless and data from most major information systems already in your surgery center can be easily transferred and submitted. Create and access patient-level files on your own desktop computer. Then access your confidential data in graphic and tabulated reports of clinical outcomes instantly on the internet any time — just point and click. All the statistics are calculated for you and easily printed. Your money is returned if you are not satisfied.

New Health Analytics Value Proposition

Now with benchmark reports BY PROCEDURE for:

  • 10 integrated quality indicators (from complication rates to patient satisfaction)
  • Average surgery and recovery time
  • Anesthesia utilization
  • Complications by anesthesia
  • Age distributions
  • Tables of your data (showing how each indicator was measured)
  • Annual Cost benchmark reports
  • Results that are posted MONTHLY on our password-protected Web site.
  • Reports showing your cumulative, quarterly, monthly, and annual data (allowing you to benchmark with yourself from month-to-month or quarter-to-quarter).
  • Graphic displays of your data that are easy for physicians, administrators, and surveyors to understand.
  • A data warehouse of performance measurement statistics and the tools you need to conduct in-depth analyses of your center’s outcome measurements.
  • The tools you need to identify opportunities for improvement, make necessary changes, and demonstrate effectiveness.
  • PLUS, the data you report to New Health Ambulatory is devoid of any patient identifying information. We use a secure, encrypted webserver connection for user communications and data upload so that compliance with all HIPAA data security regulations is assured.

The system works for both individual surgery centers and corporate entities. We have corporate customers who are benchmarked in two ways: against the whole universe and inside the corporate group.  Consultative services are also available that can include customized reports.

New Health Ambulatory is a performance measurement software designed specifically for ambulatory surgery that is:

  • User-friendly
  • Needs no prior computer experience
  • Uses data extracted from other major ASC information systems

New Health Ambulatory: Prepared to Meet Anticipated CMS requirements for ASCs

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) – ASC Requirements

The Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC)

The Joint Commission