CiManager: Clinical Integration Manager

CiManager Value Proposition

 CiManager gives healthcare organizations the analytics they need to achieve Clinical Integration.

As it becomes more critical for hospitals and physicians who are affiliated but that have separate data silos to share and compare metrics; you need a trusted source to curate and benchmark your disparate data sources.  We provide flexible, accessible data that you can trust.

We help you link analytics to performance.

CiManager Provides Ways to:

  • Quickly and easily monitor trends;
  • identify opportunities for improvement;
  • detail case analysis at the patient level;
  • analyze financial performance metrics such as the average length of stay, average cost per case;
  • measure quality performance such as readmissions, complications, and mortality;
  • implement meaningful change with actionable information

In a single package you get:

  • A secure, accessible, flexible, and scaleable data warehouse;
  • automated internet-based data query;
  • ad hoc or super-user internet-based data query;
  • data analysis for managed care contract negotiations and pay-for-performance support;
  • metrics for adherence to medical treatment guidelines;
  • risk-adjusted financial and clinical benchmarking for valid comparisons

How does CiManager Work?

Acquire, Convert, Benchmark

Participating healthcare organizations can start in weeks, not months, with no hardware infrastructure or complex software set-up; your data is analyzed and compared against a wide spectrum of key industry metrics in a replicated, secure server environment. Data is acquired from existing healthcare sources, assessed, and converted to standard formats to enhance the data for storage. Powerful benchmarking tools and a next generation analytics provides on-demand reporting.

Our data will make you smarter and more productive.  We give you the tools to control your business.