What is New Health Manager?

New Health Manager gives hospitals and affiliated hospital organizations the analytics they need to achieve Clinical Integration.

Why New Health Manager?

Hospitals are under enormous pressure from payers to improve performance. Many are creating networks of hospitals to implement an active and ongoing program to evaluate and modify practice patterns with their physicians. This model, called Clinical Integration, creates a high degree of interdependence and cooperation among the physicians and the hospital to control costs and ensure quality.

To make progress toward clinical integration you need healthcare data and software development utilizing online information and communication services to foster the flow of clinical and financial information across diverse clinical sites of care.

Our state-of-art service, known as Manager, can save you time and expense with online solutions that acquire your own data and combine it with external data to reach the point that individual hospitals and physicians can be benchmarked to peers.

Key Clinical Integration Principles

Value and Cost:

Organizations need to achieve better outcomes through clinical integration at a best value price.


Build competencies around the identification and measurement of care delivery and processes.


Prepare to answer a continuing barrage of public reporting requirements on quality and efficiency as momentum builds for reform.


Successful programs underway today demand accountability with pay for reporting, pay for performance or by imposing penalties.

How Does New Health Manager Work?

New Health Manager significantly reduces the cost for each hospital by removing the burden of development and supporting the extensive hardware and software infrastructure required to deliver retrospective or real-time decision support.

Acquire, Convert, Benchmark

Participating hospitals can start in weeks, not months, with no hardware infrastructure or complex software set-up; the data is analyzed and compared against a wide spectrum of key industry metrics in a replicated, secure server environment. The data is acquired from existing hospital sources, assessed, and converted to standard formats to enhance the data for storage. Powerful benchmarking tools and a next generation analytics dashboard provides on-demand reporting and analytics.

Sample Reports

Please request a demo contact us and receive sample reports.

New Health Analytics Value Proposition

New Health Manager is a scalable platform to support the new model of healthcare analytics. As it becomes more critical for hospitals and physicians who are affiliated but that have separate data silos to share and compare metrics; you need a trusted, independent source as well as a new breed of analytics tools to extend what has been available to-date. The expansion of public reporting will be a key component of healthcare reform. Analytic solutions of today do not meet these next generation needs.

New Health Manager provides dashboards that:

  • quickly and easily monitor trends
  • identify opportunities for improvement
  • detail case analysis at the patient level
  • analyze financial performance metrics such as the average length of stay, average cost per case
  • measure quality performance such as readmissions, complications and mortality

In a single package you get:

  • a secure and scaleable data warehouse
  • automated internet-based data query
  • ad hoc or super-user internet-based data query
  • data analysis for contract negotiation and pay-for-performance support
  • metrics for adherence to medical treatment guidelines
  • risk-adjusted financial and clinical benchmarking for valid comparisons

Through our independent New Health Manager analytics service, we meet the needs of today and are positioned to support the expansion of programs in the future.