What is New Health Planner?

New Health Planner is a software platform placed on top of available statewide hospital claims data to do strategic planning and market development for healthcare organizations.

Why New Health Planner?

In today’s rapidly changing marketplace, your success is dependent upon your ability to accurately estimate demand for specific services.

Demographics of communities are changing, patterns of treatment for major conditions are changing, and quality of clinical practice is improving. Each segment of the healthcare industry must also adapt to growing competition, managed care, and pay for performance principles. Participation in growing accountable care organizations and partial-risk payment schemes is not possible without detailed knowledge of the market you serve.

Services continue to shift from inpatient to ambulatory settings, from organized ambulatory settings to the physician’s office and from professional settings to home care.

For you to thrive in this environment, you must be able to predict the impact of these trends on your portfolio of services.

How Does New Health Planner Work?

The system obtains its validated demographic data from Applied Geographic Solutions (AGS), a nationally recognized, economic and business information company in the US.  AGS has many years of proven experience in modeling and trend analysis, which further supports their ability to forecast current-year and future demographic statistics.

Demographics Linked to Geography

The foundation of their methodology is the creation of highly accurate, geographically and cartographically consistent data sets using a spatial cartographic approach. All demographic data are accurately related to their appropriate geography. They first focus on creating consistent boundary files for all levels of geography from block groups up through census tracts, counties, states and the entire country.

Scientifically Defined Markets

Next, the system uses neighborhood classification.  Neighborhood classification or segmentation is one of the cornerstones of geodemographic analysis and is used in a wide range of marketing and site location applications, including: neighborhood description, customer analysis, facility planning, advertising, and direct mail. The attractiveness of neighborhood segmentation stems from the analytical performance and inherent simplicity and understandability of the technique.

Premier Mapping Capability

New Health Planner provides on-demand mapping services for healthcare organizations to provide location intelligence within your business intelligence reports. Premier maps assist you in developing your communications regarding locations of medical services, market share assessments, drive time analysis and thematic mapping. Our staff can also geocode your data files such as physician staff directories to plot physician office location maps.

Sample Reports

  • Referral Directory Analysis Sample Report
  • 30 Mile Ring Study Sample Report
  • Facility Analysis Sample Report

New Health Analytics Value Proposition

New Health Planner allows you to track the migration of patients in service areas, compare market share among competitors and perform DRG, ICD and CPT™ code analysis by payer, facility, physician, patient age group and ZIP code of origin. The system can also be used to:

  • Analyze patient discharges and length of stay (LOS) by payer, case mix index, charges, facility, DRG, physician, admission source, and more
  • Create physician report cards and compare physician performance
  • Complete quality studies by LOS, average charge, and admission source
  • Analyze payers and evaluate access and utilization patterns across payer categories
  • Benchmark and compare your facility’s performance against competitors and peers
  • Analyze market share by comparing discharges for your facility and your competitors
  • Analyze your internal patient data by service line, cases and procedures, payer mix, physician and more

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