What is New Health Research?

New Health Research is a consulting and application development service that enables any health care company to gain access to custom analysis of medical claims data.

Why New Health Research?

The tasks of identifying, acquiring through myriad data use agreements, and cleaning federal, state and proprietary all-payer claims data is already done for you by New Health Analytics. Our customers pose the questions they want answered by the data. We bring the technical and scientific know how to answer those questions.

Who Uses New Health Research?

Customers include hospital systems, pharmaceutical and device companies, sell and buy side investment analysts, managed care companies, large consulting companies and research organizations.

New Health Research Value Proposition

The service is provided on a project basis and takes from one to 60 days to deliver. Small projects to answer one specific question and large projects that involved development of online applications to use the data analysis are welcome.

Common New Health Research Projects providing value to customers are:

  • Analysis of the size of the market in terms of procedures and dollars for uptake of a new product or a new geographic territory
  • Volume of service delivery for a service line and the market share of the local hospitals in the local market or nationally
  • Market share across all diagnosis-related groups, procedures or services lines in a geographic region by specialty
  • Referring physicians for a select procedure and the rendering physician including calculation of an affinity index and listing of most referring and rendering physicians in an area
  • Performance of one hospital system or a customized grouping of hospitals by diagnosis-related group, procedure or service line

Recent applications include:

  • Diagnosis-related Group (DRG) Analyzer – online lookup of every Medicare DRG payment for each hospital nationwide with complete breakdown and explanation of the components of the payment
  • Claims Data Warehouse – a secure easy to use data warehouse for easy retrieval of hospital claims going back many years to support denial appeals